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Lambton Worm
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Region: England
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature:
Sources: WaterDragon, Dragon Willow's Cave, Draconian, Sunderland, Morgeu, and a few others

John Lambton, heir to the Lambton kingdom skipped out on church one Sunday, and decided to go fishing instead at the River Wear despite warnings about it being unlucky. When he tossed his line into the water something grabbed his line and yanked hard. He finally managed to bring whatever it was at the end of his line to shore, and to his amazement it was the most disgusting, ugliest creature he had ever seen. It was about 3 feet long, with slimy, blackish skin, and the head of a dragon. Repelled at the sight, Lambton just wanted to get rid of the beast. There happened to be an unused well nearby so he dragged the creature by the tail and tossed it into the deep, dark well.

That day changed John Lambton's world.

When he looked into the evil creature's eyes, he saw himself. A person who did many wrongs, and wanted to correct them.

A few years passed, and he made up his mind to redeem himself and all the bad things he did in childhood. He left his castle far behind and traveled to the Holy Land.

Unknown to him, the wicked worm he caught years before grew in the well. While John was away, the gigantic worm, now so huge it could wrap itself around a hill nine times, crawled out of its hiding place and terrorized the town. It killed cows, chickens, and even the townsfolk. Some brave men tried to kill it, and once even sliced it in half, but to their amazement and dismay, the dragon would just join together again. The people then tried calming the great creature with milk (knowing the other legends of placating beasts). They filled a cow-trough with 20 gallons of milk. When the worm smelled this, it came out to drink, then sluggishly went back to its place curled and coiled in the hills.

John Lambton came back from his deeds in the Holy Land and he saw to his horror, the beast he put upon the town. He went to a local witch to ask her advice on how to destroy the monster. She informed him that the only way to kill was to wear a suit of armor with spikes all around the surface, and confront it near the river where he originally caught it. The other thing the witch told him surprised him. He would have to kill the next living thing that he saw as her fee.

If he didn't, the Lambton name would be cursed for nine generations, and no heir would die at home.

Understanding the warnings, John decided to still at least try to get rid of the worm. First, he instructed his father to send the old family hound ahead when he came to meet him at the river. Then he had a local blacksmith create the special armor and off he went to try to get the worm to follow him to the river. The worm, knowing that another victim was near raced to John. John with his sharp sword slashed at the monster, and the monster wrapped its coils around John not knowing of the blades that stuck out of it. The creature fell in many pieces to the ground, and with John slicing them into very small pieces, the worm finally died.

When he was walking back to the castle, to his horror, he saw the next living thing. That thing was his father, who had forgotten his sonís instructions and ran ahead of the hound. Knowing that he could not kill his father, he killed his favorite dog instead as a sacrifice to the curse. It did not work, and nine generations of Lambton heirs had terrible, tragic ends to their lives, and they never died at home in the comfort of their own bed.

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