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Dragon's 9 Sons
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Region: China
Time Period: 16th century-ish
References in Literature: None
Sources: Many

Please note that there are differences between sources.

Baxia: Swimming
Bixi: Pack Animals
Chao Feng:Symbol of Bravery, carved on temples to protect them
Chi-Lung Wang / Fire-Engine Dragon King: Fire-Fighting Pumps and Equipment
Chi Wen: Looks over Great Distances, appears on roofs and ridges, likes swallowing
Hoazin: Reckless and Adventurous
Jiaotu: Tight-Lipped

Pi Han: Quarrelsome, carved on prison gates
Pulao: Roaring, Found on Bells
Qiunniu / Ch'iu-niu: Music, Found on the Zither
Suanmi: Smoke and Fire
Suanni: Pondering and watchful, reserved. Carved on the throne of Buddha
Yazi: Known for being Valiant
Ai-Hwa: Appears on sword-belts

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