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Kiyo and the Priest
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Region: Japan
Time Period:
References in Literature: None
Sources: Pantheon/articles, XDrac, Illiana

Kiyo was a beautiful waitress who worked in a teahouse on the Hidaka riverbank. A visiting priest fell in love with her and she with him, but after a time he overcame his passions (some versions say he lost his passion for her) and refused further meetings. Kiyo became furious and sought revenge. She went to the temple of Kompera to learn the art of magic. After studying for some time she turned herself into a dragon and flew to the monastery where the priest lived. He saw her coming and hid himself under the temple bell. With a great belch of fire, the dragon melted the bell, thereby killing the priest.

Thus the priest was punished because he should not have permitted his desire to guide him in the first place.

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