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AD&D Mercury Dragons
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  • Whimsical and changes mind frequently
  • Unpredictable
  • Will not attack good aligned characters unless provoked
  • Always uses spell creatively in combat (ie will reflect light to blind an opponent)
  • Loner by nature, but protective of pregnant mate and young
  • Rarely have relationships with other creatures
  • Eats metal ores
  • Fast and highly maneuverable
  • Small bodies, long tails
  • Scales are dull silver at birth, and attain their mirror finish with age
  • Breath weapon: beam of brilliant yellow light (and heat)
  • Immune to light and magical blindness
  • Flesh is highly poisonous
Notes: Appearances in Literature and Folklore:
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

AD&D Montrous Manual 1993 ed,

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