Last Update: 10 October 2002
Going Home Where Dragons Came From Myths, Tales, and More Legends The Many Dragon Types Chart of All Dragons Herein Contained Sources and Sites for more Amusement

Origins....... Oh, the many theories of how dragons came into our histories and our myths - from misnamings to religious fervor.
Tales....... From around the world and your own backyard. From tales of dragon-slayers to dragons that bring jewels and rain. From the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Types....... Including the historical types from myths to the dragons of AD&D, here is a compendium of who's who.
Dragon's Chart....... Here's the long list (and I do mean LONG) of the dragon names and stories that appear somewhere here. But you're in luck - they're linked. Well, most of them anyways.
Sources....... Can't have a compendium of information without acknowledging everyone involved. Lucky for you, there are also good links for artists, shopping, and other such.
Random....... Right now it only has translations for "dragon", but I'm working on adding a song I found, and other odd items.